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Welcome to LovelyBay Summer Camp! 

Are you ready for an adventure-packed summer filled with excitement, learning, and fun? Look no further than LovelyBay Summer Camp, where each week promises to be more thrilling than the last!

Embark on a journey of exploration as you dive into various activities tailored to ignite your curiosity and creativity. With our dynamic programs, there’s something for everyone:

Game Development: Unleash your imagination and bring your game ideas to life! Learn the basics of game design and coding while creating your very own interactive experiences.

Robotics: Get hands-on with robotics and engineering! Design, build, and program robots to tackle exciting challenges and tasks.

Roblox & Minecraft: Immerse yourself in the worlds of Roblox and Minecraft! Collaborate with fellow campers to build, explore, and unleash your creativity in these virtual realms.

Science: Delve into the wonders of science! Conduct experiments, explore the mysteries of the natural world, and uncover the science behind everyday phenomena.

Languages: Expand your horizons with language learning! Whether you’re brushing up on your Spanish, mastering Mandarin, or diving into French, our language classes offer a multicultural experience.

Choose from our flexible program options:

1️⃣ 5-Day Program: Dive into the excitement five days a week, Monday through Friday, and make the most out of your summer camp experience.

2️⃣ 4-Day Program: Prefer a slightly shorter week? Opt for our four-day program and still enjoy a jam-packed schedule of activities from Tuesday to Friday.

And here’s an exclusive offer just for our early birds! Use the promo code “LastMinute” to unlock a fantastic 15% discount on your enrollment fees. But hurry, this offer is only valid for a limited time!

Join us at LovelyBay Summer Camp for an unforgettable summer filled with adventure, friendship, and endless learning opportunities. Reserve your spot today and let the summer fun begin!

See you at LovelyBay!

Kindly indicate the weeks that pique your child's interest. You may choose one or more, with a limit of nine weeks.

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3 reviews for Summer camp

  1. user

    My kids Cant wait

  2. lin

    this looks so good i m for sure going to send my kids here

  3. Selina

    My kids can’t wait to join the camp. They want the camp so much!

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