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Weekend Camp


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LovelyBay Weekend Camp: Unleash Creativity, Fun, and Winter Wonders! 

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Embark on an unforgettable adventure for your child at LovelyBay Weekend Camp! We’re offering an exclusive opportunity for parents to choose between a once-a-weekend or twice-a-weekend experience, all at an affordable $70 per day. At LovelyBay, we specialize in game development, Minecraft, ROBLOX, robotics, and more – every day is a new opportunity for learning and laughter!

Why Choose LovelyBay Weekend Camp?Flexible Options: No more rigid schedules! Pick the days that work for you, and choose between a one-day or two-day weekend experience. It’s all about what suits your family best. ✨ Diverse Learning: From coding adventures to crafting in Minecraft, virtual quests in ROBLOX, and hands-on robotics, our diverse activities cater to every interest. ✨ No Monthly Commitment: No need for long-term commitments. The power is in your hands to decide when and how often your child attends – it’s all about your preferences. ✨ Competitions and Fun: Fuel your child’s competitive spirit with exciting challenges and watch them build friendships while having a blast!


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