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Picture this: a vibrant atmosphere buzzing with excitement, teams huddled together, devising ingenious solutions to real-world problems. From developing groundbreaking apps to crafting innovative hardware prototypes, the possibilities are endless. And the best part? You get to do it all alongside like-minded peers, mentors, and industry experts who share your passion for innovation.

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Hosted by LovelyBay, a beacon of innovation in the tech world, HackaBay invites teens from all corners to dive into a whirlwind of coding challenges, brainstorming sessions, and adrenaline-fueled coding marathons. Whether you’re a coding prodigy or a novice explorer in the world of tech, there’s a place for you at HackaBay.

2 reviews for Hackabay

  1. user

    I love their events so much

  2. lee chang

    i love these events , they are the best after school program ever

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