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Curriculum Structure

Follow the most advanced and mature DAP curriculum system, advocate age-appropriate education, pay attention to the impact of the different cultural backgrounds of the native family on each child, and teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

Education Concept:

Emotion, Wisdom, Practice

 Curious, Confident, Creative

Grasp every physical and psychological sensitive period of the child, inspire curiosity, establish independent consciousness and self-confidence, strengthen creativity and perception, and promote the overall development of the child.

01-Language and Expression

02-Art and Creation

03-Exercise and Physical Fitness

04-Social and Emotional

05-Science and Inquiry

06-Mathematics and Logic

Our Courses

Toddler Gym Class

Class Overview

Mainly based on the development of children's big sports, while referring to children's fine motor development, cognitive development, language development and social development at each stage, the exercise class is divided into four stages: Beach Crawler, Moon Walker, Land Runner, and Mars Jumper.

Toddler Art Class

Class Overview

We create a safe and free painting environment for babies from 16 months to 5 years old. We use professional methods to cultivate their spatial and color perception capabilities, exercise their fine hand movements, upper limb muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, and develop painting skills. It enables them to draw a novel and magical world in their hearts according to their own imagination, laying the foundation for cultivating the baby's good creativity.

Toddler Music Class

Class Overview

From listening to music to being able to imitate and express music with body rhythms, interact with games through a variety of styles of music. Multi-sensory perception of music by sight, hearing, touch and movement can cultivate the baby's self-awareness and rich emotions, and enhance the baby's safety Sense, trust and control over oneself lay the foundation for language development and emotional expression.

Logical Thinking Class

Class Overview

With the help of easy and fun games, children are trained to observe and compare things, and through comprehensive and abstract analysis, they can make generalization, judgment, and reasoning abilities, and improve children's learning ability. At the same time exercise children's concentration, memory, observation, reaction, strategy and teamwork ability.

Game Dev Courses

Class Overview

Want to know the mystery of AI? Dream of having your own game creation room? Like to play Minecraft and Roblox games? Have creative talent? Either way, our original game design course can take you from a novice to a great god. From game design to computer programming, you will be exposed to the latest and coolest game technology frontiers and become the brightest genius.

Scratch Coding Courses

Class Overview

Programming has never been easier and fun! The school curriculum is no longer difficult to understand, the curriculum here makes me interested. Not only code and sentences, I can also compose music, make animations, and perform a stage play! Hupen, let's come together!

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Brand Story

Established in 2009

Lovely Bay is established in the City of Burlington in 2009. It was funded by George and Ari. After their daughter Baellami was born, they became members of National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in order to provide better care and love to their beloved daughter. At the mean time, they recruited several experts in early child education to develop courses that help child’s sustainable development in each growth phases. This was where Lovely Bay starts.