告别2020, 我们迎来了崭新的2021, 培养孩子又成为新一年心头大患, 除了即将开学的本职科目(语文、数学…) 还要继续为他的课外班做出选择。 7岁的小卷毛从3岁开始 就学钢琴、英文、奥数, 可是在过年期间小卷毛已经哭着 不想再学课外班, 最近吵吵要去上什么STEAM教育!

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Brand Story

Established in 2009

Lovely Bay is established in the City of Burlington in 2009. It was funded by George and Ari. After their daughter Baellami was born, they became members of National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in order to provide better care and love to their beloved daughter. At the mean time, they recruited several experts in early child education to develop courses that help child’s sustainable development in each growth phases. This was where Lovely Bay starts.